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The 7 Primal Movements 

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most of us, gym bro or not, are not ‘functional’. The vast majority of us find it difficult to move around in our environment, suffer from bad backs and knee pain and aren’t all that strong. 

This is a result of the way we live. Unfortunately, modern life is not conducive to functional fitness because we’re very rarely challenged physically in any meaningful way. The majority of us spend most of our time sitting down and that means we’re getting zero exercise. 

When you sit at a desk, it forces your legs into a right angle. This then means that your hip flexors – the muscles that move your legs upward in front of you – will be shortened and tightened. At the same time, your hip extensors found around the back, will be stretched and elongated. 

Meanwhile, your pecs are also going to be bunched up as your arms lean forward and your neck will be constantly pointing down at the screen. Your back will likely be rounded too, shoulders forward and diaphragm squashed by the weight of your upper body. 

In other words: you’re gradually destroying your joints and musculature. And you sit like this for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week! 

Then you come home and sit like it some more! 

So how would we relax in the wild? Simple: we’d squat. Squatting is the natural equivalent of sitting and it’s actually really good for us because it puts us in a full body stretch. Today, a fair proportion of people are actually incapable of squatting at all. Try it yourself: are you able to completely squat down while keeping your heel flat on the floor? 

This is considered one of the basic, fundamental movements that all of us should be able to do. In fact, there are thought to be seven of these ‘primal movements’ which are: 

  1.   Squatting
  2.   Lunging
  3. Bending
  4. Pushing
  5. Pulling
  6. Gait (walking or running)
  7.  Twisting

If you can’t do these basic seven things, then chances are that you’re lacking in fitness, in flexibility and in general health – and it will very likely lead to injury and other problems somewhere down the line.

So can you guess where we’re going to go with this? That’s right: these are the basic movements that a good training program should be made up of. By training the 7 primal movements, you’re able to strengthen yourself through all the regular movements that you might face in daily life and you’re able to prevent injury in all of them. And now, if you introduce additional isolation exercise on top of this just to ‘hone’ a particular muscle group that seems to be lagging, then you’ll be able to improve your aesthetics without worrying about creating imbalances or potentially encouraging an injury.

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